April 22, 2024

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Metalcore band Gloomkeeper up the ante with their new song “Sour”

Lafayette, Louisiana metalcore act Gloomkeeper is fairly new to the scene, coming to fruition in 2020 with their single “XII”. Gloomkeeper is on the heavier side of metalcore, playing into heavy hitting verses, punchy bass lines, and moments throughout their music that remind us why metalcore is such a great genre. Gloomkeeper has just unleashed their new song “Sour” via Slam Worldwide. This song is one of our favorites so far by the group, combining everything we love about them into one massively impressive track. Featuring Jai Benoit of Golgothan, Gloomkeeper released the heavy hitting track with a well done atmospheric music video filmed and edited by Will Leger and Alec Savoie. The atmosphere comes mostly from the two minute build-up on the music video that leads to the track kicking off. This added a much unexpected layer to the song. While the track was five minutes and build-up was two minutes you’ll likely be happy with the creative decision the band took. Once the song kicks off it doesn’t lose momentum. Gloomkeeper knocks it out of the park with “Soul”, even after the initial build-up the band keeps momentum flowing at a rapid pace while building up to a very satisfying ending. Gloomkeeper has four tracks under their belt, and from those four tracks we are excited to hear the next release as the band to release quality music and videos.

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