April 24, 2024

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Exorcised Gods unleashes their juggernaut sophomore album “Banished Into Conflagration”

Rising from the heart of Germany comes of the most brutal deathcore bands I’ve came across in recent years. I’m talking about the German deathcore band known as Exorcised Gods. Surfacing in 2018 Exorcised Gods released a pile-driver of an album in terms of brutality with their debut album “Sadisticated Defilement”. Exorcised Gods showcased their take on deathcore with their first record. Highlighting brutal verses, excellent build-up,  memorable breakdowns, and songwriting you just don’t see much in deathcore anymore. Exorcised Gods have just unleashed their sophomore full length album “Banished Into Conflagration”, and the band has truly went above and beyond for this record. Exorcised Gods shared with us some insights on their new album “Banished Into Conflagration”. The album is a concept album tackling the story of Dante’s Inferno and the 9 rings of hell. Each song is titled after one of the rings, taking the listener on a dark, furious journey as the album progresses. Exorcised Gods have pulled all of the tricks from their sleeves with this one. The band tuned down from Drop A to Drop E, even dropping the bass down an octave from their previous work. The band wasn’t sure on this change but it proved to be worthwhile as they got fan feedback from the first two singles. Exorcised Gods strive in writing music that they just want to write, they don’t bound themselves to one particular style or method. The group is very diverse in the metal genre incorporating multiple styles from sub-genres in metal.

Exorcised Gods have done a excellent job with their new release, “Banished Into Conflagration”, taking what made them liked with their debut album “Sadisticated Defilement” and evolving it in every way for the new release. The songs hit harder, the lyrics are darker, the story is evolved and well told, and the overall execution stands out as top-tier deathcore to me. My overall thoughts on this album are very positive. I left it on repeat for about a three hour gaming session in Forza Horizon 5 and not once wanted to switch up the music, it’s that good.


Mixed & Mastered by: Demigod Recordings
1. There Is No God…
2. Abandon All Hope
3. Harrowing Of Hell
4. Tempest Of Lustful Shades
5. Sick Fat Fucks (ft. Mines of Moria )
6. Avaricious
7. …There Is No Heaven…
8. Ira
9. Gottlos (ft. Blowback [428])
10. Un/Holy Trinity
11. Land Of Deception
12. Kingdom Of Perpetual Suffering
13. …There Is Only Hell
14. Ascension
Album available here.
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