Machine Gun Kelly proposed to Megan Fox – and apparently they’re both vampires now

It appears Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly might well be vampires or something instead of a normal couple, whatever that means. We’ll fill you in on the story so that you don’t have to waste more time than you need to.

Alright, tl;dr version. Machine Gun Kelly, when he’s not incurring the wrath of Slipknot fans or giving a damn about (not) getting a Grammy (nomination), makes pop-punk music and does things with significant other Megan Fox. Anyway, MGK proposed to Megan Fox recently, and Fox revealed how it all went down in an Instagram post.

It ended by apparently drinking each other’s blood. No, we didn’t make this story up. Now we’re just waiting on Corey Taylor to tell us what he thinks of the situation.

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