April 24, 2024

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Machine Gun Kelly is apparently very unhappy about being snubbed for a Grammy nomination

You can add the Grammy Awards and the Recording Academy to the list of targets in Machine Gun Kelly’s crosshairs. After the awards nominees were announced a few days ago, MGK took to Twitter to voice his displeasure for not being nominated for an award (he’s never been nominated for one, period), in fewer than 140 characters.

Last year’s Tickets To My Downfall album did top the Billboard charts (and still sells a good amount of copies weekly, especially when you factor in streaming). Interestingly, his main archnemesis, Eminem, famously never gave a damn about a Grammy, so there’s that.

Between poking the hornet’s nest of Slipknot fans and getting objects thrown at him during the rock and metal festival circuits, it’s not exactly been the best year for MGK. Then again, he is a successful and popular artist that’s also working on a new album, which will no doubt sell more copies.

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