May 19, 2024

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LIVE VIDEO: Sufferer at The Boardwalk (Sacramento, CA)

One of the most unique post-hardcore supergroups to emerge in recent years has finally made their live debut. Sufferer, the conceptual project detailing a day in the life of a person suffering from anxiety and depression, consists of members of A Lot Like Birds, Hail the Sun, and I the Mighty, and has garnered substantial buzz in the genre following the release of their self-titled debut album last September.

Fans of Sufferer’s aggressively unrelenting compositions and deeply personal lyricism had ¬†been eagerly awaiting the chance to witness them performing live, and the band’s just-completed three-day run of California shows did not disappoint. Playing a set consisting of all ten tracks from their debut album, the group brought a powerful cathartic energy to their shows at the X-Bar in Cupertino (Feb. 23), The Boardwalk in Sacramento (Feb. 24), and Chain Reaction (Feb. 25). TNF’s own Deniz Davenport was there at all three dates, and captured live footage of the band’s entire Boardwalk performance, as well as some great photos. Check out the amazing set, and stay tuned for more coverage of all things Sufferer.


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