March 4, 2024

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Lionfight bassist posts racist diatribe on social media, Internet firestorm ensues


The riots in Baltimore are obviously the nation’s most talked about subject over the last few days. Everyone with an opinion is spouting off about it, including musicians. Most have had the intelligence to not post potential inflammatory opinions about the situation, but then there’s nu-metal band Lionfight’s bassist, Bryan Cole, and his statements that will surely live on in infamy. Check them out after the jump.

This is the original post that Bryan made (it’s since been deleted).


Almost as bad, is the fact the band didn’t immediately condemn the remarks, instead issuing this statement on Facebook:

No matter what color your skin is, your race, gender, whatever ….
We are all beings on this planet. We should be here for each other. Burning down buildings and smashing cars with weapons will never solve anything. The end.

Obviously we’ll keep you alert of any coming developments in this story, but needless to say, there’s no room for this kind of behavior, especially in our music scene.

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