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Let’s Talk Wrestling – ICW No Holds Barred “Unlucky 13” (Review)

ICW NHB “Unlucky 13”

June 26th, 2021

Atlantic City, NJ

Homicide vs. AKIRA The match was a bit more technical based and more in hardcore than deathmatch. Had some sloppy moments though.Just a bit slower paced and a lackluster opening match. Homicide still moves so smooth though for being such a long time veteran in the industry. 2.5/5
Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Dale Patricks NDC is just such a great deathmatch guy. The cinder block / bowling ball spot looked brutal. Good in ring psychology with NDC targeting Dales injured foot / leg. NDC doing a flip off the chains is just nuts. Match was great, both men gave it their all for a crazy deathmatch. 4/5
Tank (w/The Rev) vs. Casanova Valentine – The water jug hits were hard as hell. Stiff battle of the brutes for sure. Tank putting Casanova through the door with tubes looked brutal. Really good match between two brutes. 4/5
Alex Ocean & Danny Demanto vs. The Kirks (Brandon Kirk & Kasey Kirk) – Casey taking the gusset plate then the lemons & salt looked brutal and she bled great from it. Alex giving Casey that lung blower looked absolutely devastating on her. Xceans ladder dive though was just dumb and made no sense in the match. This was a really good tag match with a great amount of ultra violence with Casey coming out looking amazing with a great crimson mask. 4/5
Reed Bentley vs. Nolan Edward – Nolan with the double stomp off of the top looked like it did some damage on Reeds back. Really fun match between the two which was a solid back and forth. Both men looked great here and are future stars of deathmatch. The crazy amount of tubes as well as the final tube spot were great as well. 4/5
Psicosis II vs. SHLAK – Psycosis 2 leg drop onto the outside looked so good. Shlak bleeds like an animal here too. This was a really fun bloody match. It moved along at a fast pace and its so cool to see Psycosis 2 doing deathmatches. 4 / 5
John Wayne Murdoch (c) vs. Sadika – Tons of light tubes from the start. JWM and Sadika in the crowd using tubes and trading blows back and forth. Russian leg sweep off the top through the glass was great. Sadika doing a spinning press off the top right after onto JWM and a ton of light tubes looked great as well. Just not a major fan of the ending. JWM stabbing into her head to rip off the mask before the ref calling the match just seemed abrupt. Still was a brutal reckless match that moved nonstop. I hope she returns for a rematch.  4.5 / 5
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