April 24, 2024

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Let’s Talk Wrestling – ICW No Holds Barred “Pitfighter X9” (Review)

ICW No Holds Barred

Pitfighter X9


Millville, New Jersey


Azrieal vs. Gary Jay – Some really hard chops to kick the match off. Really solid bout between the two with some good hard hits and spots (though a few missteps along the way). 3 / 5
Vincent Nothing vs. Bobby Beverly – Some good stiff hits to start the match and Bobby ends up with a nice crimson mask on half his face early on. Bobby took some harsh thrown chairs to the head too. Really good rotating fisherman suplex through a floor. This was a really solid match between both sides. 3.5 / 5
Satu Jinn vs. Max The Impaler – Satu taking some hard kendo stick hits in the beginning. A really good battle of the brutes here. Hard hits between both sides and a good kendo stick battle. 3 / 5
Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Atticus Cogar – Really good match feud with NDC telling Atticus this match is about him respecting those that came before him. The bowling ball / cinderblock spot looks harsh. Atticus as usual makes skewers look so good. Neil doing a moonsault off a chair was great though him hitting his own head on the chair during it looked like it had to hurt some. NDC took a crazy amount of skewers during the match. Good splash off of the tope of the cage as well. 4 / 5
Dan Maff vs. AKIRA – Akira taking some big chops from Maff. Akira picking Maff up was impressive. Decent match between the two men of vastly different sizes. Just a bit slower paced. 2.5 / 5
Eric Ryan vs. Dale Patricks – Really good match between the two with both a bloody mess. Eric giving Dale some good barbed wire shots and then taking a slam onto a shopping cart was great. Eric Ryans finish is always so brutal looking. 4 / 5
John Wayne Murdoch (c) vs. Jeff Cannonball – Really good start to the match with JWM going through glass. Super bloody bout with chairs, tacks, gussets, etc. Throwing a chair at Cannonball as he has a pane of glass on him was brutal looking. Watching Cannonball take a drill bit to the head was extreme. Both guys gave a lot in this frantic but quick deathmatch. 4.5 / 5
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