September 23, 2021

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Butcher Babies to play debut album “Goliath” in full for upcoming summer tour

Crowd favorites Butcher Babies have announced that not only will they return to the road this summer for a headlining tour, but they will be performing their debut hit album Goliath in full for it. The band also will continue to showcase leading ladies by bringing along Infected Rain and Stitched Up Heart, as well as Kaleido for select dates.


“Blasting back into the realm of live music is already the thing that I am most excited about in life,” exclaims SHEPHERD. “Adding in playing our debut album ‘Goliath’ every night on top of that makes this one of our most explosive tours to date. I’m especially excited to bring our friends in Infected Rain and Stitched Up Heart along for the ride. This will without a doubt be a DO-NOT-MISS tour with some of the fiercest ladies in metal!”
“After almost a year and a half of dark stages, we are so thrilled to be going back out on the road,” shares HARVEY. “I cannot wait for that first electric moment in front of a live crowd again, celebrating the return of music together! I expect lots of happy tears in the mosh pit on this run. Making the return even sweeter, we’re bringing along some of our favorite women in metal. This is our first female fronted tour package in the United States, a display of girl power at its finest!”
“We can’t wait to unleash ‘Goliath’ in the stage,” says guitarist HENRY FLURY. “Beware kids…we’ve been hibernating. On a scale of 1 to melted faces, get ready to receive an 11.”
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