Let’s Talk Wrestling: ICW Insane 8 2020 (Review)


Insane 8 Tournament 

Dover, WI


Joey Avalon vs Dominic Garrini vs GQ Giannos vs Matthew Justice

As an opener for a deathmatch tournament just nothing in this match seemed to connect. It moved along at a slow and boring pace to where not even Matt Justice could make everyone else not look amateurish.

Barbed Wire Madness & Light Tube Bundles Deathmatch
Jeff King vs AKIRA.

A really solid opener to the tournament. It had its moments where the botches were getting almost too sloppy but it made up for it with the amount of blood that was given for a first round match.

Fans Bring The Weapons Deathmatch
SHLAK vs Ricky Noren.

Another bloody bout that was over pretty quickly. While its always fun to see Shlaks bag choke out this match was just forgettable.

Frozen Tundra & Light Tube Bundles Deathmatch
Neil Diamond Cutter vs Dysfunction.

This match was even quicker than any before. Dysfunction can’t seem to go the way he use to in these matches but he did end with a nice eye gash.

Panes Of Glass Deathmatch
Orin Veidt vs John Wayne Murdoch.

Easily the best match of the night and one to be remembered and rewatched. Orin takes a face full of glass dust early on and also gets busted open quite nicely. A fantastic destroyer spot through doors and a great spot including a car was just the cherry on top of a viscous match. Both men gave it their all and went through a crazy amount of light tubes. The only issue here actually has nothing to do with the match. The crowd is wild and not in the good way, fans keep putting items in the ring and throwing things in the wrestlers way including Orin even having to loudly call it out when someone threw a knife onto some boards he was setting up for a spot. ICW really needs to handle rowdy and drunk fans better for future deathmatch events.

Four Corners Of Insanity & Fans Bring The Weapons Deathmatch
SHLAK vs Jeff King.

This was another short almost squash match. Jeff King did take a big amount of abuse though during it.

Doors Of Death & Panes Of Glass Deathmatch
Neil Diamond Cutter vs Orin Veidt.

A solid match between these two men. It was a little messy at times but made up for it by both men putting each other through quite the amount of abuse. Too bad however that it was ruined by a horrible run in angle that no one seemed to want.

Ultimate Insanity Deathmatch
Special Guest Referee: Corporal Robinson
SHLAK vs Neil Diamond Cutter.

This was a great final match for this. Corp Robinson was a mess however and could barely move around the ring to do his job though. Shlak put NDC put through some abuse though and was rough on him. They went through a crazy amount of light tubes for the match lasting just about 8 minutes and was a complete bloodbath.

Overall the show itself was decent. While I like the fact that the show lasted roughly 2 hours, having too many squash / short matches hurt some. Fleshing the matches out a little more and fixing the crowd issue and we’d have a great deathmatch tournament in the Midwest.



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