The Ghost Inside Bring their Spring Tour to Worcester, Massachusetts for an evening of hard hitting pits

By Nathan Fitzgerald


The Ghost Inside brought their “Wash It Away” Spring ‘24 Tour to the Palladium in Worcester, MA this past Friday. Joined by Great American Ghost, Bleed from Within, and Paleface Swiss, this tour package was designed to elicit some major mosh pits.


New England locals Great American Ghost opened the show and you could tell right away it was a hometown show. Cycling through both newer and older jams, the band set the bar high. Starting with “Kingmaker” from their recent 2022 EP, no one in the venue was safe from the moshpit. The band played their new song “Hymn Of Decay,” and the crowd went wild. They had to end with their biggest hit, “Ann Arbor (Be Safe) ” which fired the fans up and was a perfect way to end their set. Vocalist Ethan Harrison crowd surfed with the fans while screaming the words into the mic. What an incredible hometown show.


Next up was Bleed From Within, a Scottish heavy metal band that brought major energy. The band played fan favorites including “The End of All We Know” and “I Am Damnation.” Mosh pits sprung up all over the venue as everyone was screaming the band’s lyrics.

Paleface Swiss, the deathcore powerhouse from Switzerland played next. This is when the show became truly crazy. It was every man for himself when “Please End Me” began playing. The venue erupted as the band took control of the crowd and brought the most insane energy. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. You could tell fans had been patiently waiting for the band to return to the states, and they didn’t waste a second crowd surfing and moshing.

Finally it was time for The Ghost Inside, metalcore legends from El Segundo, California. As the band began with “Engine 45,” there wasn’t one person in the venue not screaming the words. The band played all four singles from their new album “Searching for Solace,” and fans were thrilled to hear the new music live for the first time. The lighting package was incredible, as strobes flashed to the beat of every song. The band played seventeen total songs and wrapped up the gig with “Avalanche” and “Aftermath.” What an incredible show from all the bands. Truly one of the best tour packages I’ve seen. 


Photo Gallery: The Ghost Inside – The Palladium (05.03.2024)


Photo Gallery: Paleface Swiss – The Palladium (05.03.2024)


Photo Gallery: Great American Ghost – The Palladium (05.03.2024)


Photo Gallery: Bleed From Within – The Palladium (05.03.2024)


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