Let’s Talk Wrestling : H20 Hardcore Kingdom V (Review)


Hardcore Kingdom V

Willamstown, New Jersey



Hardcore Kingdom 5 Tournament First Round Death Match
Homicide vs. Atticus Cogar 
Was nearly a normal wrestling match which is an odd way to start a hardcore / deathmatch tournament. It was fine for what it was though just had some moments that dragged a bit too much. 2.5 / 5
Hardcore Kingdom 5 Tournament First Round Death Match
Devon Moore vs. Deklan Grant
Some blood to kick off the match. Overall was just okay. Closer to a deathmatch than the opener was but overall extremely forgettable. 2 / 5
Hardcore Kingdom 5 Tournament First Round Death Match
Mickie Knuckles vs. Kennedi Copeland
A good hard hitting hardcore match between both women. While it did have its share of sloppy moments, it was a decent enough match between the two. 3 / 5
Hardcore Kingdom 5 Tournament First Round Three Way Death Match
Alex Colon vs. Eric Ryan vs. Jimmy Lyon
Match start off in the back bloody and having Colon run out to match it a 3 way dance was a cool surprise. It was a decent match between the three with some blood shed. 2.5 / 5
H20 Danny Havoc Hardcore Title 20.000 Tacks Four Way Death Match
Jeff Cannonball (c) vs. Mitch Vallen vs. Austin Luke vs. Marcus Mathers
Solid hardcore match here slowed down sadly though and not as chaotic as a 4 way dance should be. Jeff Cannonball as always though is so impressive and bleeds crazy. Being dragged through thumb tacks always looks like such a brutal spot. The final spot of the match was pretty good. It picked up towards the end as well. 3.5 / 5
H20 Hybrid Title Match
Mouse (w/Aiden Baal) (c) vs. Bam Sullivan
Bam played a good heel here but the match itself was just incredibly slow and lacked any memorable moments. 2 / 5
H20 Heavyweight Title Match
Chuck Payne (c) vs. Lucky 13
It had its moments and Lucky 13 was solid in it, but it just didn’t flow great or leave an impression. 2/ 5
Hardcore Kingdom 5 Tournament Final Four Way Rise & Conquer Death Match
Eric Ryan vs. Atticus Cogar vs. Kennedi Copeland vs. Deklan Grant
Really solid hardcore 4 way dance ladder match. Dragged a bit in parts but with some good spots and a shorter run time it was solid. 3 / 5



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