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Let’s Talk Wrestling : AAA Triplemania Regia 2021 (Review)


Triplemania Regia

Monterry, Mexico

Dec. 4th, 2021



Lumberjack Six Man Tag Team Match
Faby Apache, Lady Shani & Sexy Star vs. Las Toxicas (Flammer, Lady Maravilla & La Hiedra)

A really dull opener to the card. Match didn’t seem to flow well at all or work out. The lumberjack type situation on the outside was dumb and worked against anything. No good moves really and it never seemed to keep a pace going. 

1 / 5

AAA World Trios Title #1 Contendership Three Way Match
Nueva Generacion Dinamita (El Cuatrero, Forastero & Sanson) vs. Nuevo Poder del Norte (Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr. & Tito Santana) (w/Goya Kong) vs. Los Vipers (Abismo Negro Jr., Arez & Psicosis)

 First half of the match was dreadfully slow and boring. It slugged on for far too long. Once it picked up however the match was fun. Had some great moves and spots included but felt like it got over too quick and almost out of no where. 

2.5 / 5

Six Man Tag Team Match
Chessman, Dave The Clown & Murder Clown vs. La Empresa (DMT Azul, Puma King & Sam Adonis) (w/Estrellita)

What a cluster of a match. Endless botches galore including a table not lighting on fire. It becomes pure chaos at the end to the point of almost confusion. While it completely drags at times to the point of ruining the match there is a lot of fun here with some good spots and madness happening. 

3 / 5

Tag Team Match
Laredo Kid & Willie Mack vs. Dragon Lee & Dralistico

Another decent match but ultimately lacking. Never really clicked or meshed well. Had some decent spots and a relatively steady pace but it just never clicked with a weak finish. 

2 / 5

AAA World Tag Team Title Match
FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) (w/Vickie Guerrero) (c) vs. The Lucha Brothers (Fenix & Pentagon Jr.)

The best tag feud in 2021 continues with FTR and Lucha Bros. Their styles just mesh so well together and always give fun moments. While possibly the worst of their run so far this match wasn’t bad in the slightest. A bit slower at times and didn’t feel as long as it could have been, it still was good though. A few missteps here and there and adding Vicki was a lame ending but overall another solid run In their feud. 

3.5 / 5

Six Man Tag Team Match
Cain Velasquez, Pagano & Psycho Clown vs. Los Mercenarios (Rey Escorpion & Taurus) & LA Park

A slow and somewhat sloppy match. Ending was abrupt and super sloppy looking due to Cain not being able to lift and slam LA Park. Everything else sort of just slugged along without much energy for the most part. 

1.5 / 5

AAA Mega Title Five Way Match (vacant)
Jay Lethal vs. Bobby Fish vs. Samuray del Sol vs. Bandido vs. El Hijo del Vikingo

A main event that for all the issues it had leading up to it was pretty decent. It wasn’t nearly as chaotic as a 5 way match should be but it moved along steady mostly playing it super safe. Everyone looked good here but mostly outside of Vikingo and Bandido played it safe without doing too many big things. 

3 / 5

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