February 25, 2024

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Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris features on incendiary new Dying Wish song, “Enemies In Red”

What you need to know about Portland metalcore act Dying Wish is this – they’re fast, pissed-off, and one of the most exciting bands in the genre you probably haven’t heard yet. While the band haven’t even released a proper full-length just yet, last year’s split with Serration put them on the map as a band to immediately put on your radar, and their run of tour dates with Counterparts + Stray From The Path will end up doing much the same. The band’s new song “Enemies In Red”, which features Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris, hits just like your favorite early-2000’s metalcore bands – but with a fresh coat of paint that makes them such an exciting band in the scene.

Seriously, how fucking great is this song? There’s shades of early It Dies Today here, a little Walls Of Jericho, maybe even some early Atreyu influences, and the spirit of modern hardcore. In other words, not giving “Enemies In Red” would be a colossal mistake. We also recommend listening to their split EP with Serration below, too.

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