Indie post-hardcore band The Missing Peace up the ante with their new music video for “tîger face”!

Making their debut in 2021 with their EP ‘garage‘ came a unique new indie band by the name of The Missing Peace. The Washington, DC-based band pulls their influence from the post-hardcore scene, merging it seamlessly with an indie sound. The Missing Peace found their footing even more following the release of ‘garage’, with the band going on to release a handful of singles like ‘captain richie’, ‘we’re not weebs’, and ‘silhouette of a broken heart’  to showcase the group’s atmospheric post-hardcore indie sound. The DC-based group has just unveiled their newest song ‘tîger face’, and it comes paired with a music video! The Missing Peace let themselves shine in a fun light with this new music video, filled with smiles, and relaxing vibes. Marking the first release of the year, ‘tîger face’ takes the lead as the band looks forward to the future! The Missing Peace is one of those bands that deserve more attention than they receive.







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