Lorna Shore release new song “Cursed To Die”, new album ‘Pain Remains’ drops in October

Lorna Shore is an unstoppable force in the metal scene lately, taking deathcore to popularity levels not seen since the likes of Suicide Silence and Job For A Cowboy began garnering hype in the scene. They even made it to the Lollapalooza stage, which is straight up bonkers. Now the New Jersey-based heavy-hitters have just unveiled their latest single ‘Cursed To Die’, and they’ve announced their next full-length album ‘Pain Remains’ is due out in October! ‘Pain Remains’ will be the group’s fourth full-length album, and it’s set for an October 14th release date. Lorna Shore has prepared ten earth-shaking tracks for this new record, and the three songs already released are just the start of the new era of Lorna Shore.

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