October 20, 2021

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ICW New York Presents “No Holds Barred” Volume 1 Review


With all the hype on the internet lately for ICW New York’s latest event, I felt I needed to seek it out ASAP and see if all the hype fit what was being said online.

Tessa Blanchard def. Nick Gage

Opening the show was the hyped Gage vs Blanchard. With Tessa doing a no DQ event against Mr. MDK himself Nick Gage. Gage attacked her without her knowing from the start and they fought a little inside and out the ring. Tessa got the pin on a quick count when Gage kicked at 3 for a quick match and an upset. Tessa dropped a F bomb filled promo praising Gage but more so herself for doing it then calling out Amazing Red for a match. This match was quicker and not as tough as most expected I feel, which makes sense being that I doubt Tessa could take a bloody beat down and look good from Gage.

Homicide def. Casanova Valentine

The king of no ring deathmatch vs the legend himself Homicide. Homicide went full Abdullah The Butcher and used a fork and even a lemon on Casanovas head to give him a full crimson mask. Bringing in Casanovas garden weasel and even a dildo with nails in it the hits went back and forth. With the perfect ending to a match like this, Homicide waterboarded Casanova with bleach before stabbing him repeatedly in the head with forks until he was pulled off.

Alex Colon def. Jimmy Lloyd

Two GCW guys doing what they do best, a deathmatch. With cut up cans, barbed wire, saws, and more both men took hit after hit becoming a bloody mess. This was a great spot filled deathmatch and both men proved why they are at the top of the game.

Eric Ryan def. John Wayne Murdock

Another great deathmatch with two top guys. Starting off hard with gusset plates and cans and involved a fork covered chain, barbed wire and more. Both men ended up a bloody mess and had great deathmatch spots.

Killer Kross def. Tony Deppen

This was more of a last minute set up as both men had other people to fight that couldn’t make the event anymore due to injuries and sickness. Both men came off showing off some range here with Killer Kross dominating most the match. They continued to hype Kross vs Gage after the match as well.

SHLAK def. Necro Butcher

On paper this should be amazing. Realizing its 2020 and an actual deathmatch with Necro Butcher could kill him, makes this one just odd. Butcher took some hard hits here and got bloody. Shlak really had to put some muscle into slamming Butcher at the end as well so while it may not of looked great, it looked like it hurt. This was a passing of the torch for Shlak to carry on the legacy that Butcher had.

Dan Maff def. Mance Warner

This was Maffs final indy show after signing to Ring Of Honor. Both men went through an array of trash cans and boards with even Maff at one point getting smashed over the head with a board and wearing it like a hat as if nothing happened. This was a solid match between the two.

Low Ki def. Masashi Takeda

This was an odd match. Takeda is a deathmatch legend and Low Ki is well, Low Ki. You don’t know what mood Low Ki will be when he gets in the ring. The match was much slower than expected with both men being more methodical in their moves. The final blow of a tied up Takeda taking a giant stomp from Low Ki is brutal though.

Overall a few good matches here but a lot just fell short I felt. The action just wasn’t there, they weren’t as hardcore as one would of thought, or they just felt lackluster. Still a good PPV but nothing amazing as I’d hoped.

Score : 5/10

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