April 15, 2024

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Hunt Her, Kill Her (2023) (Movie Review)

Hunt Her, Kill Her is a low budget horror thriller that has one thing going for it and runs with it to the end even if doesn’t work out the best always.

We follow Karen (Natalie Terrazzino), a night janitor on her first night at this new job. Tasked with cleaning a giant industrial warehouse all alone what should be an easy night turns bad quickly as she finds out there are masked men inside the warehouse with her with bad intentions. She quickly finds out she is locked in as well and it turns into a game of cat and mouse where her life is on the line.

Before the action begins we get a brief hint of story and some emotional ties. Karen has a sick child who is being watched by her neighbor and we are told by a 3rd party that she has some baby daddy issues which caused her to leave with the child and not allow visitation. I appreciate the little bit of story even if by the end it sorts of falls off some.

One of the main issues here is that our attackers are never a secret. Almost right away we can assume who this is attacking Karen. The masks, while cool, do little since we know who the villains are mostly. They aren’t some super human entity or unknown monsters, they are just men doing a bad thing.

The real meat here though is making this entire movie pretty much one nonstop chase scene. The warehouse provides a lot of moments and cool chances for scenes and kills but only sometimes uses them wisely. Instead we get a few glimpses with some good kills that leaves us more so wishing for what could have been.

Now its not bad by any means. Its actually shot quite well with some good camera cuts and one shot scenes. The dark shots can sometimes be a bit too dark almost though. They execute making scenes tense quite well too here even if some scenes just don’t work well. It’s enjoyable enough to sit through and mindlessly watch before you start to wonder what could have been.


Score :


2.5 / 5


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