April 19, 2024

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Horror-Thon 2022 – The Curse Of Bridge Hollow (2022) (Movie Review)

After last years Hubie Halloween gave families a Halloween film on Netflix, they’ve followed it up with another family comedy. Unlike last years though, this isn’t funny in even a dumb way.

We follow Priah Ferguson stars as teenager Sydney, whose parents (Marlon Wayans and Kelly Rowland) made her move from Brooklyn to the small town of Bridge Hollow, a town considered the safest in the country. Upon seeing how much the town is into Halloween though she begins to warm up even though her dad is ultimately against it all as he is shown to be overly protective. In the midst of her rebellion setting up decorations though she accidentally unleashes an evil spirit named Stingy Jack who is on a mission to live forever. Now her and her dad must fight all the decorations being brought to life and save the city. 

The only real highlight of the movie is the set designs and costumes. The halloween decorations both alive and just as props are visually appealing and lead to some cool moments. Zombies coming to life, clowns with axes, and a house with hordes of skeletons lead to fun set pieces that sadly end too soon and bring us back to the rest of the film.

Our story here never really feels like it delivers much aside from setting them up in the town. Characters are one dimensional and our jokes always fall flat. Its never funny like it wants to be and it seems like the film switches around what it is trying to be more often than it should. If they fixed the writing then this could have been a fine comedy but instead we are given lines and scenes that never deliver anything. Same with Marlon Wayans characters die hard hatred of all things Halloween, instead of coming off super strict it just comes off as odd and forced.

Overall this had the potential to be good but just falls short. At 90 minutes it feels drastically longer due to scenes dragging on due to bad dialog. A few fun scenes without can’t hold this together enough though for it to be enjoyable.


Score :


1 / 5


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