April 15, 2024

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Horror-thon 2022 : Jeepers Creepers Reborn (2022) (Movie Review)

This might go down as one of / if not the worst horror movie, or even more, one of the worst movies I’ll have seen in 2022.

Ignoring the previous 3 films (and thankfully not made in any part with the human waste Victor Silva), Jeepers Creepers Reborn attempts to start itself new in what one can hope is a dead end effort.

We follow Laine and her boyfriend Chase who are traveling to the middle of nowhere to attend a rave like horror movie convention of sorts. This fest seemingly also takes place around the area of a horror legend known as the Creeper, a monster who reappears every 23 years to eat people for 23 days before going back into a slumber. Unaware for them however is the fact that the Creeper is real, awake, and in the exact area where the fest is located.

The film attempts a story involving a random group of people attempting to sacrifice an unborn to the Creeper so he can have eternal life. It never really gets explained though and we never even find out why these people are seemingly making sacrifices to the Creeper anyway. Everything just sort of happens here and then we move on from it.

Instead of a coherent story we are given many small ideas seemingly thrown together with a lot of filler mixed in. We have a scene where Laine tries on various degrees of sexualized cosplays to wear to the convention for her boyfriend then when we cut to the convention she isn’t wearing any of them anyway.

However worse than the story and the awful dialog we are given is the special effects here. For reference this was shot for roughly $5 million dollars (at the time of writing this Terrifier 2 is rocking the charts with fantastic effects and was made for roughly $250,000) and has some of the worst CGI, green screens and effects I’ve possibly ever seen. The green screen and backgrounds here often not only look beyond fake and cheap but they also aren’t even rendered in correctly. Many times you can see blurry outlets around people or even body parts missing behind the poor CGI backdrops. Add in horrendous special effects used for kills and everything else and one wonders where the budget went to. Outside of the house and convention area it seems everything here might have been filmed in someones living room for all we know.

Not even the Creeper here is worth while. They attempted to give him some bad comedy moments, or what I assume were meant to be comedy moments, and he just looks goofy instead. Outside of a few half decent shots he looks like cheap makeup slapped together with some fake limbs in parts.

Overall while the series was never great the first 2 films were half decent at best. After the director of the originals killed any hope for this name they should have let it die. While I can appreciate trying to start a new and distance yourself if this is the byproduct of it then the franchise should have remained dead for way more than 23 years like the Creeper. The simplest thing I can say is avoid this.


Score :


.5 / 5

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