Horror Thon 2022 : Terror Train (2022) (Movie Review)

A Tubi original is a statement that doesn’t give much faith for a movie especially when its a remake of a C list horror film from 1980. Terror Train continues the trend of pointless low budget remakes and reimaginings.

Following the original closely we follow a group of sorority college students who have a prank go horribly wrong. Now 3 years later on Halloween the students throw a party on a train when one by one the ones involved in the prank end up being killed. Who is killing these students off and why are they doing it?

The story here is pretty predictable especially if you are familiar with the original. They throw some curves in there but its pretty easy to figure out. Fans of the original will notice all the similarities to the original with only some smaller cosmetic changes throughout with characters and such.

One of the many downfalls here is that the film is almost boring with how little tension or anything is throughout. Characters are flat and lifeless with no personality or likable features. Even our protagonist doubts herself so much that its hard to get behind her much even if she is the most human and likable one of the bunch. Everyone else is a cliche or too paper-thin to even enjoy.

It doesn’t help that our dialog here is straight out of student film class. At no point do they ever try anything interesting with it outside of attempting some cracks at politically correct jabs between two characters. Not even the kills can save this either. Outside of one kill everything is mainly off screen or overly cheap looking. A knife visibly isn’t doing anything during a throat cut and they didn’t bother to add any practical effects to it or CGI to help.

Overall Terror Train is hard to recommend to anyone. Fans of the original won’t want to watch a cheap imitation of it and theres so many better horror films coming out around this release to even bother much with it.


Score :

1 / 5


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