April 20, 2024

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Horror Thon 2022 : Werewolf By Night (2022) (Movie Review)

Possibly the most out there thing Disney and Marvel have done for the MCU yet and it could easily be one of the best things they’ve done.

After their leader dies a group of the best monster hunters are brought together for a ritual. On the castle grounds a monster has been unleashed and the first hunter to capture and kill it will be granted the bloodstone. Once the hunters take to the grounds however it soon comes out that one hunter may have different motives and secrets that will come out.

What makes this stand out so much is the approach made to this. Pretty much entirely in black and white made to look like the old Universal Monster films Werewolf By Night is visually one of the most unique and satisfying visual films of 2022. Grain included the film really makes it look and feel as if it is an older film. Add in the fact that the violence has been ramped up as well here and fans are given a straight up monster movie treat.

With treats throughout fans will enjoy and great practical effects this feels like the most violent gritty thing in the MCU yet. While it never does anything revolutionary in 55 minutes it creates a quick and fun film for fans of horror and something that even non fans will enjoy. If anything this goes to show that with a little bit of freedom the MCU could be filled with a variety of different things.


Score :


5 / 5


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