March 4, 2024

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Honest Album Art: A Facebook Page Guaranteed to Make Metal Fans Laugh


A rapidly growing Facebook page is making metalheads die from laughter. The page titled “Honest Album Art” takes the album art of a particular album and slightly alters the logo or title in some way that represents a common opinion of the album whether it deals with the lyrics throughout the album, the album’s sound, etc. It is all fun and games here so don’t take it too seriously and have a good laugh! See some of my favorites posted so far here.

Here is the theme to 99 percent of Deicide’s lyrics.


I guess I’m not the only Inquisition fan that thinks Dagon’s vocals make Inquisition’s music sound like the soundtrack to a satanic toad ritual. (This particular one may be a little hard to read but says “Our vocalist sounds like Kermit the Frog”.)


Brutal death metal/Slam fans. Gutturals and pig squeals are brutal. But you have to laugh at yourself every once in a while…


Something seemed a little different with the last Morbid Angel album…


And here we go with the back and forth controversy if Deafheaven is “trve” or “kvlt” enough to be black metal.


“Your treachery will die with you.”


Everybody knows the feels you get from every Woods album.


Summoning anybody?


And last but not least – an opinion that a ton of death metal fans can agree with or at least understand.


You can check out the entire page and all of their “Honest Album Art” here.



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