February 26, 2024

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hitbox unleash monstrous single, “Grief Inheritance”

Tulsa, Oklahoma nu-metalcore band hitbox have dropped their newest single – “Grief Inheritance”. At a short-but-sweet 2-minute runtime, this young act packs a lot of oomph into this quick track.

With a sound reminiscent of genre greats like Alpha Wolf and Sworn In, it’s a wonder a band sounds this solid in just their second year of releases. Produced by Hansel Romero of nightlife, hitbox’s full potential can be heard; Romero shared with me that the band actually elected to use the first mix for this release, likely to bring out a more raw, shredded listen. You wouldn’t be able to tell, though – it sounds immaculate with a slow tempo, vocals full of anguish, and making the most out of 130 seconds.

Sitting at 750 monthly listeners, I’m shocked more people haven’t checked out hitbox yet – here’s your chance.

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