October 2, 2023

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Linkin Park releases Meteora-era music videos in high-quality 4K

Linkin Park released their sophomore album, Meteora, in 2003. Cementing the band as one of the biggest rock bands of the era, they’re celebrating the record with a huge Meteora box set, arriving April 7th. Hell YES.

Anyway, Linkin Park thankfully decided to grace us with a bundle of Meteora-era music videos in 4K format, and you can really notice the difference as far as quality. Just in time, too, as the band’s video for “Numb” is awfully close to a staggering 2 billion view mark on YouTube. Well played. Plus, who doesn’t love a good upgrade?

“Breaking The Habit” was also given the HD treatment instead of 4K, and you can watch all the videos below.

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