March 2, 2024

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Electro-R&B rising star GENEVA embraces authenticity and vulnerability with lush new single “Smoke & Mirrors”

We don’t get to cover a whole of R&B / radio-friendly stuff around these parts, but sometimes we hear new music that is SO good that we just can’t pass on a chance to cover it (wether you can mosh to it or not).

Enter Toronto’s electro-infused R&B songstress Genevaan artist who commands attention from listeners with not just the earnestness of her lyrics or the candid nature of her sexuality, but by effusing knowledge of self by unapologetically embracing who she is. We’ve had a chance to listen to her back catalog, and we can honestly say that she’s one of the best rising star voices we’ve heard. You wouldn’t be wrong to compare her to The Weeknd, Miguel, Jhené Aiko and even Lady Gaga, but her work stands on it’s own as being original and heartfelt.

Geneva’s newest single “Smoke & Mirrors” is dark, moody and introspective — she dives deep into the nuance and complexities of self, exploring the strength of artistic spirit and self expression amidst the outside noise and judgment of others. We are voyeurs watching Geneva reveal her authentic soul, bearing witness to her many layers as she draws back the proverbial curtain as we take a glimpse into her unadulterated inner landscape. Her compelling beats and body-moving rhythms fit perfectly next to similar artists such as Snoh Aelegra and Jorja Smit with a vocal quality that stands alongside the greats of the genre, imbuing a divine feminine touch to each work of art Geneva produces.

“Smoke and Mirrors” shines a light on those proverbial snakes in the grass, inspired by shady people and confusing situations that destroy illusions of trust. Enemies masquerading as friends; smiles concealing real intentions. Toronto producer SLWJMZ’s rumbling bass-heavy production provides a backdrop to Geneva’s sultry, intimate lyrics. The official video adds a visual layer to the majesty of the song; giving the listener a seductive snapshot of the artist and a preview of what to expect from her live show.

“‘Smoke and Mirrors’ is a powerful song, but in a vulnerable way – about people masquerading as friends you can trust, when in reality they are anything but!”


Stream “Smoke & Mirrors” here and be on the lookout for more singles from Geneva throughout the year – no, it’s not metal….but give your ears a break every now and then!

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