Gallery: Hail The Sun, Capsize, Eidola, and LIMBS

New Fury photographer Ryan Malloy caught the Hail The Sun headliner tour last night as his first show after moving to SWFL from Minneapolis. Here’s what he had to say.

What a good first show. I was honestly blown away. All the acts this night were on point. Shout out to the locals Rising Down and On Letting Go, too. Ya’ll were incredible. The package kicked off with Tampa local LIMBS. Wow. The band brought out their own light rig and had it backlight them the whole set. It gave off some seriously mysterious vibes while their music reminded me of Eighteen Visions and other chaotic metalcore acts. The constant energy and mania that they brought to the stage was great, and I definitely can’t wait to see them again. After LIMBS were experimental post-hardcore act Eidola. Again, I was really digging the vibe the band was putting out. I’ve always had a soft spot for the technical, noodly bands like Dance Gavin Dance and CHON, so Eidola really struck a chord with me. They really put a passion into what they do and it comes through with their stage presence. After Eidola was hardcore emo boys Capsize. I’ve seen these guys in different spots around the country and they never disappoint. Every time it’s been a crazy mosh fest and absolute mayhem. The band was short a member, but that didn’t stop them from giving it their best and laying it out on the stage. Lastly, Hail The Sun came out and gave everyone the show they were hoping for. Everything from the christmas lights around the cabs and kit, to Donovan Melero’s insane performance behind the kit as well as vocally. Dude’s got some serious pipes and slaps the skins really well. I definitely walked out a fan. The tour is still in its infancy, so get to the gigs if you can. There’s some serious talent on this bill, and you’ll kick yourself for missing out on it.

You can check out Ryan’s photos from the gig below. Did you attend the show or any other dates of this tour? Let us know how you enjoyed it on Facebook!


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