February 21, 2024

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FRSTMRNE is the next level of electronic metalcore

FRSTMRNE entered the rock scene with a high quality track that echoes the future of rock music with hints of metal. FRSTMRNE tackles the ever-evolving rock genre with a unique cyberpunk sound that fuses with rock and metal respectively. The idea behind FRSTMRNE was inspired by films such as Bladerunner and Ready Player One. FRSTMRNE’s unique sound comes from combining the musical stylings of electronic and pop artists like Halsey and Illenium with rock/metal artists including Bring Me the Horizon and While She Sleeps. The band’s name was influenced by a sword in the ever-popular online video game, World of Warcraft, pronounced FROSTMOURNE. FRSTMRNE’s love for digital art can be felt through their all-immersive, one-of-a-kind sound. The debut song to come out of the group is “Black Lotus” and immediately you’ll find yourself drawn in by the unique intro to come from FRSTMRNE. The song is a compelling first entry for the FRSTMRNE and one that has us hooked for their upcoming song “Bright Lights”.


We were also able to secure a nice little interview with Jentzen Flaskerud who welds the guitar in the band found below.

Tell us about your project and the music you guys create?

Inspired by video games, movies and comics FRSTMRNE (Frostmourne, named after a legendary sword from World of Warcraft) We are a collective or musicians that are looking to create a blend of genres. We aspire to create a listening experience.

How did the band originally form?

The band was formed as an offshoot of other bands. We have members that all live in different parts of the country and we used the Pandemic to begin writing music together over the internet. We have members of other bands in our respective scenes like ARES, Pathways, and We’re Wolves.

What are your goals with future music?

Our future goals are to bring our sound and inspiration to listeners. We want to get people into different styles of music to bring them out of their comfort space.

Tell us about your newest song?

Our first release BLACK LOTUS encapsulates industrial elecontronica with hard hitting metal core. Inspired by artists like Carpenter Brut, Bring Me The Horizon, and ARCHITECTS (UK) the song brings the listener on a violent yet beautiful journey with lyrics that resonate deeply regarding dealing with the dark side we all have in ourselves

Tell us what your influences are?

Electronic Music, Cyberpunk, Bring Me The Horizon, Architects


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