How To Throw A Good Party: A Step-By-Step Guide

There has never been more of a right time to throw a party, especially as we’ve been in lockdown due to the recent pandemic. As things slowly return to normal, or what our new normal is, we need to start living again. A party is a great way to get everyone together to celebrate humanity and getting over this life-changing hurdle. You want to make sure it’s one to remember and everyone that’s there has the same positive experience. So how do you achieve this? It involves a lot more than having music and inviting people. Our article will guide you in how to throw a good party; a memorable one that’s talked about for years to come! You can even invite magic men to the party, if that’s your thing. Magic men are awesome!

Have a Strong Team

Yes, you can most probably organise things on your own, but it will take plenty of planning, especially if you’re planning to hold an event for several hundred people. Having a good team will not only take the pressure of you having to do everything but you’ll also be able to play to each of your team member’s strengths if you hire the right people.

For instance, if you hire someone with experience in catering, they could be left to check the venue’s suitability for having refreshments or work around the alcohol license, if you’re planning to provide food and drink.

If you have someone that DJs, then they’d be the best person to sort out the music and anything connected to it. As mentioned by Mobile DJ Basics, playing at a venue is more than just playing music, it involves providing an enjoyable crowd experience. The point is, if you have a team that has strengths in different areas you don’t need to micromanage and can instead focus on the overall event rather than one specific area.


This is an important aspect to consider because the venue you plan to hire will need to have the basics, like its location, adequate toilet facilities and accessible fire exits. The next things you need to consider are disability access, the amount of people you’re planning to invite and whether you’re going to provide refreshments. These points will not only affect the type of venue you hire, but also the facilities available.

Having a list of several venues that you visit with at least one other team member will help you decide which one is the right place for your party. Also having a checklist of your requirements, that your accompanying team member has as well, will help you focus on what you need. It’s easy to be swayed by a great-looking venue, but if it doesn’t meet your requirements, then it’ll be a waste of your money to hire.

Decide a Theme

This could be a great idea, especially if you’re planning to host a party for a reason or near to a seasonal event, like Halloween or Valentine’s Day. If you’re planning to decorate the event, then it could all tie in to create something pretty special rather than a run-of-the-mill event.

This will obviously become a unique selling point and will be detailed on invites or flyers. It means that people who decide to attend want to participate in this themed event, which is good because they’ve all got a common reason to be at your party, like celebrating Thanksgiving.


At any party, one of the most important things is the music. It’s what keeps everyone moving and needs to be on point to make the party successful. The style of music will depend on the crowd and the purpose of the party. It’s rare to play, say rock music and grime, unless it’s either a multi-room event that’s purposely playing different styles of music. This is because not everyone likes the same musical genres, therefore it’s easier to play one or a few genres that are connected, like soul and RnB, so that you attract a crowd that will enjoy listening to all the music you’ve played.

It’s good to hire a DJ that has a good following and has their own unique take on what they do that makes them stand out from their competition. You want a DJ that knows the latest music trends in the genre(s) that you want played at your party. This is because you want a mix on old and new music, even some exclusive mixes and white labels to keep your crowd entertained.

Music is the one piece of entertainment that is expected at a party and it has to hit the spot from the moment the first guest lines up to get into your party. If the music is bad, your party will not be a success.

Invite Only?

You may want to consider whether you want guests to pay in advance, whether they can get in by invite only or pay on the door.

Paying in advance allows you to work out your profit margin and also lets you keep the details of guests, which is a good thing in case they need to be contacted after the event or in case of an emergency.

Invite only is good for a few select guests of yours, perhaps a prospective business partner. It also means you’ll know who is coming to your party and gives you a certain degree of control of the type of people you want attending.

Paying at the door is good to make last minute profit, especially if your venue isn’t full to capacity. However, you may not know the type of person attending.

Having a certified security team that does regular patrols of the venue to ensure nothing illegal is occurring and the fire exits are clear, as well as managing the door and general well being of your guests is something that is invaluable.

A good security team will anticipate any issues and deal with them with minimal disruption to your party. They will be instrumental in ensuring your party is a safe place for your guests to enjoy themselves. This will be one important fact that will sway people to regularly attend your parties. Let’s face it, no one wants to be caught up in fights or worse.

It may also be useful to know the local laws so that your party doesn’t break any of them. It’ll also be a good idea for you and several of your team to have emergency numbers to hand, for peace of mind if nothing else.

Undoubtedly, planning is key to having a successful event. Following our steps will help you along your way. Be prepared for the unexpected and have contingency plans ready in case they happen. If you’ve covered everything, chances are that even if things go wrong you’ll be able to turn it around. If you’re known for your professional party planning, people are more than likely going to attend your future parties too because they know what to expect: a positive party experience.

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