Former Vanna members rebrand as Inspirit, debut first single, “Fold”

In the mid to late-2000’s, Massachusetts post-hardcore/metalcore band Vanna quickly made waves with the EP The Search Party Never Came as well as their Epitaph debut full-length, Curses. The band eventually changed vocalists shortly after the release of their sophomore album in 2009, and many prefer the band’s sound that was established up to and prior to that record. Well, while Vanna aren’t reuniting, the good news is that the 2006-era lineup of the band have reformed as Inspirit (literally, Vanna, in spirit), and have released their debut single “Fold”. It hearkens back to the band’s early days, while the vocals of Chris Preece and Evan Pharmakis (whose Wind In Sails acoustic project is prime stuff) have vastly improved with age.

“’Fold’ explores the idea of a temporal paradox in time travel and how we can’t change the past without becoming untethered from the future”, says vocalist Chris Preece.

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