April 24, 2024

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Five Tips for Aspiring Live Streamers


It’s challenging to pick that particular time frame when live streaming became immensely popular around the world. But many people find the possibility to share their creative content or whatever they want in real-time. It originally started from youngsters, but nowadays, you can find live streamers of pretty much every age group.

The popularity of this phenomenon is explained by its accessibility, as all you need is just an enabled device like a smartphone or tablet and a platform to share your content. And you don’t need to be the guru of editing to present it to the audience, as you simply don’t edit. You just show everything live, making the final product more appealing thanks to immediacy and authenticity.

Based on the daily searches online like ‘how to stream’ or ‘how to become a streamer,’ people from various countries want to become streamers. It’s extremely popular in Asian countries, as well as in North America and Europe. The current top five countries where people are interested in it are the following:

U.S.A. – around 200,000 daily searches
The Philippines – over 15,000 daily searches
The U.K. – over 14,000 searches
Canada – over 12,000 searches
India – over 8,000 searches

And most likely, you are also thinking about starting your live streamer’s career, but there’s always a lot of homework to do. Gladly, if you have problems with time management, you can always place an essay order online and get help from professional writers. This will allow you to devote enough time to learn streaming without severe consequences for your studies!

And you can gain a sizable following, but to do it, you need to learn a few tips on how to be a live streamer that can attract an audience. While there are no strict rules, and figuring everything out is no rocket science, there’s a thing or two you need to do to be successful. Let’s now learn the main aspects of streaming!

Watch Other Creators

The best way to learn something is by watching others doing it. So, the very first step in being a successful streamer is watching a lot of other creators. You may want to get involved with lifestreaming and simply broadcast your daily events. But it can get boring – so, check out other broadcasters to learn how to make it more interesting.

If you are more into broadcasting video games or eSports, you should definitely register at Twitch. The largest platform for video games live streamers. By watching various broadcasters, you can learn how to make video game streaming exciting enough to make it interesting for audiences.

Pick the aspects you really enjoy about other streamers, and incorporate them into your channel. But mind that you shouldn’t directly copy other broadcasters. Take inspiration from them, but don’t plagiarize.

Experiment With Your Content


When you start your channel and you haven’t established your standard way of streaming or the content that you create, you can take the opportunity to experiment. If your focus is on video games, you can change the games while streaming. And if you opt for lifestreaming, you can do pretty much whatever you want.

You can try cooking, unpacking vinyl records, trying out outfits. Experiment and see what your audience prefers more. Although you can base your channel solely on the content you like, you must be ready to compromise if you want to succeed. Sometimes, things you like don’t go hand in hand with audience preferences.

Pick a Proper Name

You always need to pick a proper name for you or your channel. When choosing a name for, let’s say, your youtube channel, you need to make sure that your name is original and corresponds to your content. Otherwise, it may confuse prospective viewers, resulting in you having less audience.

If you pick a screen name for your Twitch activities, you need to follow specific rules. You should choose the name of a proper length, as when your screen name is too long, it’s difficult for the viewers to remember. Also, you should use characters and numbers with care. An extra digit or symbol, once again, can make your name more forgettable.

Maintain Social Media Presence

People interested in you from the streaming platform you use will likely want more about you. That’s why you need to be present on various social networks. It allows you to bond with your audience and get more viewers. Make sure that you have the same name on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media that you prefer to use.

Market Yourself

Speaking about social media, you can also use it for marketing yourself as a streamer. You can share your content across several social networks. Post cuts from your works on Instagram and Facebook. You can also announce your following streams via Twitter. Also, you can use those platforms to interact with your audience.

You can always learn what your viewers find the most interesting about your channel by reading the comments. You can create polls about what they like and dislike about your streams, which will help you improve them. Maybe you need to add more humor, or perhaps you should crack fewer jokes than you do.

Final Thoughts

While those are just several aspects that you need to consider before becoming a streamer, those tips work as a perfect start. Using them to start your streaming path will help you gain enough following; after that comes more difficult things to do to remain relevant. Sustaining your success is one of the most challenging tasks in almost any online and offline activity.

But regardless of whether you follow or dismiss the tips mentioned above, you need to remember that two other aspects will attract the viewers and keep the machine running: your personality and content. If viewers like your personality and content, your streaming career will be off to a good start.

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