April 22, 2024

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Underoath’s biggest headlining tour to date gets off to a roaring start

Everything that Underoath does (and has continued to do) over the last 2+ decades is with both passion and purpose. Whether it’s weathering the storm of various member changes that would cripple a lesser band and reinventing their sound (and their exit) to evolve with the times or even setting the standard for what livestreams can be, there are plenty of reasons why many bands can learn from how Underoath approaches things.

With the release of their new album Voyeurist, the band has truly taken things to the next level and taken a massive risk by self-producing the album. Given how the crowd is resonating with the new songs, it’s also quite clear that the band’s loyal and passionate fanbase have grown up alongside them – but interestingly, they’re still managing to attract a younger crowd as well.

Perhaps Underoath have the innate ability to relate to a wider variety of audience than was previously thought possible. After all, their current headlining tour – arguably their biggest to date – is selling out like hotcakes. Whether it’s reeling in hundreds of thousands of dollars with unique livestream experiences or influencing newer bands with their songwriting abilities and “the only rule is that there are no rules” approach to music, the sky really is the limit at this point. We’re all just along for the ride.

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