March 4, 2024

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Five Finger Death Punch have finished their ninth full-length album

We already know you’re super excited by the headline, right? Five Finger Death Punch, arguably the most polarizing popular metal band around today, have finished up work on their ninth full-length album. No word on if it’ll be called F9: The Death Punch Sound, or The Way Of The Fist II, or something like that. Ask someone in an Affliction t-shirt to find out, possibly? It is, however, the band’s first album with newcomer guitarist Andy James.

In an official statement, the band had this to say:

It’s hard to believe that our last record “F8” came out over 2 years ago in the beginning of 2020, born into the whirlwind of events that dominated our lives and will echo into the rest of our history. Those of you intimately familiar with that album, now know how some of F8’s dystopian lyrics became rather prophetic. Brighter Side of Grey was an important song on that record, but especially personal to Ivan (who’s the only parent in the band).
It is a more than fitting commentary to what’s going on in the world that probably needs a good reminder right about now that we are here only for second, a tiny blip on the flow of time… not just as individuals but as an entire species… It took a trillion conditions to be just right for human life to exist in this Universe yet it takes just one to go terribly wrong and make it all disappear.
This song also serves as the perfect bridge to our new album we just finished this week, which generally revolves around similar existential questions.
It’s incredible how much we don’t understand about our own existence, yet everyone’s relationship with the concept of death permeates, even orients their entire lives.
Can’t wait to share it… enjoy this video, and stay tuned for new music and big tour announcements in the very near future!

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