May 19, 2024

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Exotype announces their first live show in seven years, tease possible new music

Exotype was formed in 2012 in the heat of Orlando, Florida. The band found major success with their 2014 self-titled album, which featured tracks such as ‘Stand Up’, ‘Red Pulse’, and ‘Wide Awake’. Exotype released the album through Rise Records, which later on the band eventually had a falling out with. The band went very silent after the release of their 2016 single ‘No Solace’, and members from the project went on to pursue another endeavors. Seven years after their last live performance, Exotype has announced they will be playing the Central Florida Metal Festival this year. The band has been known to give electrifying live performances. While the sound the band pursued wasn’t unheard of, Exotype is one of those bands that fuse electronic music into metalcore with success. There have been some teases that new music may be coming from Exotype by certain members on social media, let’s hope for a new song!


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