February 25, 2024

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Exclusive: Top 5 Unsigned bands that broke up (but could have made it)

There is alot of bands who I have believed in and I thought they could have made it. These bands showed outstanding stage presence, perseverance, musicianship, originality and overall had what it takes. But, all good things come to an end and it sadens me to see. So here is my top 5 of unsigned bands who broke up when they could have made it.
1. Chaos Arcade –

They were a 6 piece Metalcore/ Hardcore band from Hudson, FL. They brought a sound to the table I can not even describe. This is one of the first locals I ever got into. I remember going to their shows and just going all out. I still listen to their songs till this day. My personal favorite is “The Gladiator is Glad He Ate Her”.  The band had issues and decided to call it quits. Many of the members can be found in the Progressive Rock band Look Right Penny.

2. Holly Maddux –

HM was a 6 Piece Swamp Core band from New Port Richey, FL. The meaning of Swamp Core to me is all type of sounds and genres mixed into one. Take the Fl everglades, the swampiest of the swamp. Their is many undiscovered things there. HM was very unique. They mixed HXC, Metal, Hip Hop and so much more. These guys where the essence of party and where truly talented.

3. Visionaries –

I had only seen them live once, but their sound and show was out of this world. I love the true raw passion that they brought. They let out a sick EP and really had things going for them to end it all. You can find the vocalist in Traitors ( We Are Triumphant Records).

4. Decisions –

I have worked with this band alot. They where very promising minus all the lineup changes they have had. Vocalist Trevor Cregan couldn’t have been any more than the perfect front man for a HXC/ Metalcore outfit. They just broke up recently and members new and old have new projects, IE: Secret Keeper. I will never forget the energy they brought to the table.

5. Hoist The Colours –

Another one of New Port Richey’s finest party bands. They went all out on stage and added an ambiance which excelled them in the local scene. They have had a few member changes, but the final lineup was supberb. HTC mixed Pop Punk and Hardcore with brilliance and kept the party alive IN NPR. To end this all I have to say is Fuck You TOMMY!!


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