April 24, 2024

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Exclusive Show Review: The All-Stars Tour 2013










The All-Stars tour this year (2013) featured a variety of different styled bands and I believe, for the most part, mixed very well together. I went to the show on August 5th in Mesa, Arizona and it was hosted at The Nile Theatre/Underground. The main show played upstairs at The Nile and the local bands played downstairs at The Underground. I stayed upstairs because if anyone that has been to The Underground during the summer, you know that if you do not have to be downstairs, you don’t go down there (if you are wondering why, they don’t air conditioning down there and it gets about 200 degrees).

I do have to apologize for some of the videos, they had some strobes on the speakers and it messed with my video when it flashed and it may cause seizures and possible dizziness.

As Thick As Thieves


As Thick As Thieves were the only local band to play upstairs. They are a 5 piece post hardcore band from Phoenix and who just so happen to be managed by Craig Mabbitt. They played a few songs for the people and I was happy to see how many people were already there so they were able to experience these guys. I think they put on a good show and definitely gained some fans this day.


Ice Nine Kills


Ice Nine Kills returns to The All-Stars Tour after being on the tour last year as well. I enjoy these guys. They always are able to get the crowd going. If you are not familiar with them, Ice Nine Kills is a metalcore band playing out of Boston, Massachusetts.




Volumes is on a portion of the tour and switch off with Struc/tures. Volumes is a groove metal band from Los Angeles, California and feature 2 singers. This is my first time seeing them and I really enjoyed their performance. They had a lot of energy and were interacting with the crowd throughout their set time.





Iwrestledabearonce is back on the tour after being apart of the 2011 lineup and this time, they have their new vocalist, Courtney from the band Unicron. I was a little nervous on how her performance would be because Krysta was insane on stage and those would be some big shoes to fill. All in all, I was pleased with her performance and was very happy to see them on this tour.


Stray From The Path


Stray From The Path is one of the bands I was looking forward to as I seen them last year on this tour and also they came through a few months ago with Stick To Your Guns and The Ghost Inside. Like every single one of their performances, they rocked it and the crowd loved them. To note, the “gap” he is talking about is the area where the kids were fending off invisible ninjas and doing a great job I might add. I never once seen a ninja around me.






Terror was one of the bands that I could not wait to see and they tore it up!! Them and Every Time I Die were the highlights of the show for me. They knew how to work the crowd and got them involved with the music and encouraged people to jump up on stage. Awesome stuff and I hope they come back next year.


Veil Of Maya



Veil Of Maya were pretty good live. They definitely did not steal the show, but they were good nonetheless. This was my first time seeing them and they did have quite a bit of energy and the crowd seemed to love them.


Chelsea Grin



Chelsea Grin were ok live. I didn’t hate their show but I probably won’t remember it in a few weeks. Playing in between Terror and Every Time I Die would be a difficult feat since both bands annihilated their performances. I wouldn’t mind seeing these guys again if they are not headlining.


Every Time I Die







Oh man these guys rule live!!!! Because of them, I had a hard time moving the next couple of days. The crowd gave them everything they had (especially since they were there for 8 hours and it was hotter than hell in that place). These guys were worth the money alone and I will see them every single time they come through Phoenix. If you missed this show because of whatever reason you had, I feel sorry for you because this lineup was so sick and the bands gave everything and then some.

I hope you come through Phoenix again next year!!



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