Show Review: Andrew W. K. – 5/31 in Tampa, FL


So I’m pretty sure I heard something about Andrew WK liking to party.  I may be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure I saw that somewhere.  On a serious note though, I’ve been a casual fan of Andrew WK since I Get Wet came out and have somehow managed to not catch him live until now.  I knew I was in for a good time but I was not prepared for the chaos that was about to ensue.


Let me start this by saying that I have never been to a show with such a diverse crowd.  There was everything from hipsters to frat boys to hardcore kids.  It was unusual to see and even more unusual that everyone got along for the night.  I guess everyone was really there for the sole purpose of partying hard.


All of the support was provided by locals and of those the only one worth mentioning is Hollow Fox.  I’ve seen most of the members perform in other bands but is the best I have seen any of them.  Expect great things from this band in the near future.


This night Andrew WK with a full band and he explained how this was pretty much a hometown show as the band was from Central Florida and it’s essentially where the Andrew WK idea was born.  From the first note of the show the crowd went nuts.  Almost immediately the stage was crowded with people.  Some were stage diving while most just partied on stage and sang along.  The set was very I Get Wet heavy, including We Want Fun, I Get Wet, and of course Party Hard.  Andrew WK provided plenty of banter between songs and is quite the funny man. When they went into Party Hard the place went completely nuts.  It seemed as if the entire crowd ended up on stage for the song.  You couldn’t even see Andrew WK on stage.  The night was closed out with She Is Beautiful and it couldn’t have ended the night any better.


This was definitely one of the most unique and fun sets I have had the privilege of watching.  It was the biggest party I’ve ever attended and just so happened to be a show as well.  Do yourself a favor and catch Andrew WK the next time he rolls through your town.

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