Exclusive: Rancid/The Transplants show review

935745_10151692830908140_1188052942_nI have been going to concerts for close to 19 years now and have seen well over 10000 bands in that time. It’s hard for me to pick what shows stand out but I will not have a hard time remembering this show. This show was by far the best punk show I have been to thus far and definitely one of my favorites of all-time. Not only did I FINALLY get to mark Rancid off of my list of bands that I need to see, but I got introduced to 2 awesome bands, hardcore punk band Bricktop and female fronted punk band The Interruptors. Plus, I cannot forget on how insane the crowd was the whole night. Skinhead Rob of The Transplants couldn’t stop applauding us for our craziness.



Bricktop is an East Coast style hardcore punk band found in the desert of Arizona, Tucson to be exact. They are not your modern hardcore band like Stick To Your Guns, Evergreen Terrace, or even Hatebreed, but more so Agnostic Front, Madball and Sick Of It All. They were the perfect band to start the show off. Their energy is immense and was nonstop until they left the stage.




The Interruptors

The Interruptors is a female fronted punk rock band hailing out of Los Angeles, California. When I first watched their video for “A Friend Like Me”, I first though they sounded like Rancid but with a woman fronting them BUT seeing them live, I got a wider range in bands they have a similarity to such as Sublime and No Doubt. This band blew me away the most because I thought I knew what to expect from them, but I was wrong. They are not a heavy band but were able to get the crowd moving for their entire set nonetheless. They have an amazing energy on stage and seem to be really down to Earth and you could tell that they knew it was an honor to be on tour with such great acts and you could feel the family bond between all of the bands.





The Transplants

The Transplants is a hardcore punk/hip hop band coming out of LA. They are a super group featuring Tim Armstrong (Rancid/Operation Ivy), Travis Barker (Blink-182/+44/Box Car Racer), Rob “Skinhead Rob” Aston (Death March/Expensive Taste/Bury The Hatchet) and currently featuring Kevin “Sweatshop” Bivona (The Interruptors). This band doesn’t need much of an introduction since they have been rocking out since 1999. Skinhead Rob was loving the crowd for this show as he kept saying it with every chance he had. These guys gave their all and the crowd reciprocated it with the nonstop movement for the sold out show.









Rancid is a 4 piece punk rock/surf rock fused band rocking out of Berkeley, California. They are currently (in my opinion), one of the biggest influences in punk music today. They just celebrated their 20th anniversary as a band and seeing them live, proves to me why they are still hitting it strong. This band has so much energy that the crowd didn’t have a chance to stand still. I give Tim Armstrong props for continuously playing for 2.5 hours and doing a full tour. Their set list was filled with every great song that they have ever produced and including a brand new song off of their upcoming album. I was able to record my all-time favorite tracks of their and will have them for your viewing pleasure below. It also includes a little bit of Lars yelling at some kids for fighting.











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