EP Review: FELICITY- Brace Yourself!


Hailing from Orlando, FL, FELICITY are an alternative / hard rock band with pop punk vibes mixed throughout their catchy songs. Fronted by their vocalist Damien, FELICITY includes Andrew and Cory on guitar and Mike on bass. At the moment, they don’t have a full time drummer. Their four track EP, titled Brace Yourself! was released at the end of last month, and their obvious talent pours out of every song on this four track EP which you can listen to right here. Read more after the jump!

“Hang On”
Kicking off their EP with this drum heavy track, a sing along like chorus immediately hits you and pulls you in. “Hang on / It’s always darkest before the dawn / yet the worst has come and gone” is easy to get stuck in your head– I was immediately intrigured. With a sample of David Thomas’ “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” mixed in about halfway through and pop punk vibes– think State Champs meets Senses Fail– seeping out of their catchy hooks, it’s easy to want to hear more. This is definitely a solid track to open with. The rest of their EP does not disappoint.

“Burn The World”
Opening up with a heavier sound, “Burn The World” showcases Damien’s range and ability– switching between clean and rough vocals rounds out the solid sound of this track while keeping up a strong instrumental base the entire time. “Keep it together / we had something / now it’s nothing” ring loud and clear with rough vocals overlapping and screaming guitars that just won’t quit. It’s not hard to hear the passion that each band member has for what they do– the music speaks for itself.
Although all four of the tracks on Brace Yourself! are attention worthy, this one definitely stands out to me because of the lyrical content as well as the music itself. “Reflections” is another track that shows just how broad Damien’s vocal range is. His rough screams are flawless. “This is a call to arms / so we can sound the alarms / and risk it all for you” makes this a super relatable track.

“One Last Chance”
Rounding out their EP with “One Last Chance”, it’s safe to say that FELICITY are for sure a band with a promising future. Starting off slowly with light piano music, they suddenly dives into a fast paced song with aggressive vocals and a rhythm that makes you want to move. Their A Day To Remember influence can definitely be heard on this number. Damien talks about leaving the past in the past with the chorus of “I threw my sorrows away / forgetting my yesterdays / I don’t want them / I don’t need them / rewrite my pages today”. For a closing track, this is a solid one.

Having played countless shows with established bands including Fall Out Boy, Weezer, Paramore, and Bayside– just to name a few– it’s clear that FELICITY are a band worth paying attention to. They certainly have a promising future if they continue on the path that they’re currently on. Be sure to like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

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