Drochtuarach – Along a Velvet Night Review

Along A Velvet Night cover art

It’s always surprising to see how diverse such a niche genre as Dungeon Synth really is, and this diversity is ever-present within the epic, glorious, and beautifully understated new full-length release from Drochtuarach, Along a Velvet Night.

This album applies more attention to detail than most artists even consider. Image-enhancing sound effects, smooth voiceovers, and impeccably chosen synths make this album more of a storytelling experience than anything, a musical novel of sorts that truly transports one to a fantasy world that is at once dark and vastly majestic.

Musically, the album does all that Dungeon Synth should, and more. It’s not afraid to explore unconventional ideas, but never lets said ideas overstay their welcome before changing things up. The compositions are grand and subtle, epic and understated. A real sense of balance is prevalent here, something that is often missing from too many artists’ works. Overall, Along a Velvet Night is a real winner, and one that comes highly recommended.
-Andrew Oliver

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