Dead Cassette share a haunting new track, “If Love Was Lost”

“The pages turn without a lesson learned / We’re doomed to suffer it all again / So light me up and watch me burn / I’ll still be here until the end.”

Dead Cassette is a northeastern Ohio metalcore ensemble, comprised of lead vocalist Justin Karallus, rhythm guitarist/vocalist Corbin Winding, lead guitarist Arthur Lawrence, bassist Joe Hoover, and drummer Sam Lisa. Their music repertoire features the full-length album Revive and three singles: “After All,” “Burn The Lights Out,” and “If Love Was Lost”.

The vulnerable lyricism is heart-wrenching as it unfolds a grave narrative about a failed love: “But just for one night/ Can we pretend that I’m everything that you still want / Or am I wasting time / What little I got / Can’t sleep, can’t dream / Toss and turn at the thought of what life would be / If love was lost… / So here we are again / For what I swore was the last time / The boundary’s set, I overstepped / Because you’re always on my mind / So I crossed the line / Pretending everything is fine / I don’t care if I live or die / I just need you by my side.”

This exceptional track delivers expert drumming, soaring guitar work, and captivating vocals. The band’s accompanying music video is equally compelling, which showcases striking visuals — including burning candles, choreographed movements, descending rose petals, and somber, introspective moments as the artists gaze into mirrors. The atmosphere is unsettling in nature and the most poignant symbolism depicted in the video is a haunting, blood-dripping dark rose.


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