March 2, 2024

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New York alt-rock band Autumn Estate emerge with Shakespeare-referencing new song, “King Lear”

Having emerged in 2018 with a debut EP as well as releasing a string of singles since then. New York alt-rock/post-hardcore band Autumn Estate have been quite busy as of late. A band who’s renowned in their circle for doing basically everything DIY, like most things, Autumn Estate started with both passion and a dream. Having reached over 100,000 Spotify streams on their single “Nocturnal”, their sound fits neatly into what alt-rock and post-hardcore bands are doing right now, with a solid balance of melody and aggression.

That’s what makes their newest single “King Lear” so exciting. You can listen for yourself, obviously, but the song actually references the famous Shakespeare play “King Lear”. Even better, the song was mixed and mastered by George Lever, so IYKYK. But in case you don’t, he frequently works with bands like Loathe and Sleep Token, just to name two. What really matters here is that the new sound Autumn Estate is pursuing is an exciting one, though not straying too far from their early material, it does feel like a clear evolution. And it won’t be long until their audience expands, so make sure you get on board now.

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