February 27, 2024

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Crawling Through Tartarus is a metal band to keep your eyes on in 2022

Crawling Through Tartarus roared to life in 2019 and shortly after that the group released their first song “Ballad of the Fallen”, and their follow-up single “Hell’s Kitchen”. This was the first from a fresh new face in the metal scene. Crawling Through Tartarus is a death metal band from the heart of southern California that packs one mean punch. The group follows a Greek mythology theme within their music, packed with heavy hitting riffs, brutal breakdowns, and earth shaking percussion that hits in all the right spots. Crawling Through Tartarus is one of those bands that have caught our attention from the get-go and have pulled us in further with each listen, even after multiple listens you’ll likely find yourself replaying one of their songs. Crawling Through Tartarus has gained a reputation for putting on high energy live performances capable of getting the crowds riled up. The heavy hitting group’s latest single “Medusa’s Gaze” helped catapult the group into 2022 by being the first track off the upcoming EP. Crawling Through Tartarus is currently preparing to release their upcoming EP “Libations” due out January 28th, 2022. The four track EP will be the band’s debut EP and we are stoked for what the future holds for them. The band is hosting a release show on the evening of January 28th.

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