February 27, 2024

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Deathcore band Immurge release their heavy hitting debut EP “Deadweight”, and we are impressed

Coming from the depths of Boise, Idaho comes a new player in the deathcore field. Releasing their first song in 2019 the deathcore group Immurge quickly established their sound as right in your face heavy, just how we like our metal. Immurge is an aggressive deathcore group that builds their momentum off of remarkable flow within the songwriting. The Idaho based deathcore group just made a strong case for their talents with their debut EP “Deadweight”. This heavy hitting seven track EP is the perfect new 2022 material to break in the new year. Immurge tasks themselves with creating some pretty high energy deathcore that will get anyone’s headbanging. Accompanying the release of their EP came a music video for one of my favorite tracks off the EP “Delusion”. The video is shot with creative cinematography in mind and a compelling atmosphere to help emphasize the song. Immurge has done a fantastic job with their EP, taking some aspects of the older era of metal and fusing them with the modern era plays off perfectly. The seven track EP clocks in at around 20 minutes, with each song flowing off the other’s momentum in a thoughtful manner. Immurge has an idea on what they want and they’re able to get there. We are stoked for what’s next for the heavy hitters in Immurge. This is one group we are very impressed with.

New Fury Media