February 28, 2024

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Conquer Divide release anthemic new single “The Invisible” from upcoming full-length

Conquer Divide have continued to roll with their newest music, and new single “The Invisible” is no exception. The band will release their third full length Slow Burn on Sept. 8th. During that time, the band will be on the road across the US on the highly-anticipated and sold-out Electric Callboy tour.



“‘the INVISIBLE‘ has many lived-in, emotional layers that paint a picture that takes you right back to your youth, especially if you are part of an alt scene and made to feel like an outcast,” the band explains, offering insight into the song. “It confronts the dynamic between your true self and your desire to be accepted by the ‘cool kids.’ One day, you realize that you don’t need to seek validation from those in a sad state of affairs. They project their insecurities onto others because they lack emotional maturity and self-esteem.”


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