Connecticut metalcore band War Effort release their new song ‘Good Book’, new EP coming soon

From the heart of New Haven, Connecticut comes a next generation metalcore band by the name of War Effort. Surfacing in 2020 with their debut song ‘Entropy’, War Effort made an impressive entrance with their aggressive verses, melodic choruses, and a tsunami of talented vocals. War Effort released their debut EP, ‘Safe To Say’, in the midst of 2020 – shortly after the band released their two singles. The band has recently gone through a line-up change by welcoming new vocalist Tyquohn Scedrick to the fray. War Effort has just released their newest song ‘Good Book‘, and the first song to feature the new vocalist. The song is currently the band’s biggest effort in terms of their songwriting and quality. ‘Good Book’ showcases a revitalized War Effort for the coming future, with the band taking their sound to the next level. The band tackles the touching subjects of drug abuse + religious and mental stability throughout their discography. War Effort is currently preparing to release their sophomore EP, ‘I Think I’ve Lost The Light’, later this year. ‘Good Book’ is an impressive piece of music and has made me a fan of the Connecticut-based band.


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