Comeback Kid drops new single “Crossed” featuring Joe Duplantier of Gojira

Comeback Kid continue to be one of hardcore’s most consistently great bands, and it continues with their latest single “Crossed”. Featuring one of the most unexpected guest spots from Gojira’s Joe Duplantier the band continues to make their upcoming album Heavy Steps one of the most anticipated records of 2022.




Vocalist Andrew Neufeld comments, “Crossed is a no-frills metallic hardcore track. Lyrically it deals with someone in my life that seemed so far gone and I had to watch them dig themselves further and further into a low and unrealistic place. ‘Crossed into the void’ so to say. We enlisted Joe from GOJIRA to represent somewhat of an overlord menacing presence in the song. An overshadowing power via his blood-curdling scream. This song is direct and to the point about staying in reality and warns of the elements that could bring us further into darkness.”

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