Circa Survive have officially announced an “indefinite hiatus” of the band

Late in August, word leaked that Circa Survive would be breaking up, going on the dreaded “indefinite hiatus”, or something of that nature. While vocalist Anthony Green initially denied said leak (specifically the “breaking up” question), they’ve now revealed that the band is indeed on an indefinite hiatus.

Likely due to a variety of factors (the pandemic, all the members of the band being in other projects, especially Anthony Green), the band will be releasing Two Dreams on vinyl. It’s a collection of their two most recent EPs, and that’s out in December.

Circa Survive emerged in 2005 with their debut album Juturna, and subsequent albums like On Letting Go, Blue Sky Noise, and Violent Waves all expanded on their obvious songwriting talent. Clearly one of the more notable discographies in the scene, that’s for sure.

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