November 29, 2023

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Chad Kowal introduces upcoming EP ALT POP with a new track

Chad Kowal started releasing music under his own name relatively recently, but his years of experience writing songs for DJs like KAAZE and Thomas Gold and making music with his former band Farewell, My Love have all led up to this point. He cites influences ranging from My Chemical Romance and Lil Wayne to Skrillex and Justin Bieber, always staying true to his creative instincts and desires.

On his self-referential new single, Chad Kowal introduces us to his upcoming EP, ALT POP. The track can be described as a mix of emo trap and arena rock, but it’s clear that the artist behind it isn’t too invested in being put into those kinds of boxes. This project was produced alongside Joey Bradford of The Used, who Kowal also considers to be an artistic influence. Stay tuned for more from Kowal including new music, videos, and live show announcements.

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