Young metal group Devitalized drop brutal new track “X_X”

Massachusetts metal group Devitalized have released “X_X”, the third single from their upcoming debut full-length album State Of Aggression. The young band’s recent singles “Deep Cuts” and “False Reality” will also appear on the record, which is set to drop sometime in 2023.

Relentlessly violent in both sonic approach and lyrical content, the band don’t pull any punches on “X_X”. “We took a lot of inspiration from bands such as Lorna Shore, Knocked Loose, and Alpha Wolf for this track,” says Devitalized vocalist John-Paul Ratta. “All the way through the lyrics, sound, style, and even how I would express myself in the studio, it all came together to inspire what would be come the blueprint for ‘X_X’.”

Ratta also shares that the song tells the deeply personal story of some truly dark moments. “I wrote “X_X” when I was at the lowest point of my life. It’s my experience with suicide and self harm. I’m hoping it will reach those who feel lost, those who are tired, and those who want to give up. I want to empower and help those people that are in the same position.” The band has found purpose in making music that details the difficult parts of life that they’ve had to face, including bullying, abuse, poverty, addiction, and mental illness.

Keep an eye on Devitalized as they continue to roll out their debut record, which will also include a feature from a key deathcore artist that has yet to be announced.

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